Photo Courtesy Blair Hartwell Photo

Photo Courtesy Blair Hartwell Photo

Photo Courtesy Blair Hartwell Photo

Photo Courtesy Blair Hartwell Photo

 I believe that our bodies are amazing and complicated machines. We do great benefit not only to ourselves but to our community as a whole when we care for them with respect and awareness. Yoga speaks to this on every level which is why I have chosen to devote so much of my time and energy to a journey of learning and sharing as much as I can about this ancient art and profound science of being alive and well in the world.

I am staggered time and again by the fruits of this practice. I have the great privilege of teaching several styles of yoga and day after day, I am witness to the awe-inspiring effect of asana and pranayama. To see the subtle change in a student’s countenance; to see the softening of tension filled shoulders; to see the wave of peace ripple through the physical beings in front of me; these are gifts I could not have imagined receiving when I began to walk the path of the teacher.


I began practicing yoga very casually in the late 90s, and I found it was an excellent way to prepare my body for golf. I became more and more interested in yoga as I learned what a positive impact that practice had on my game. Realizing the compatibility of yoga and golf, I decided to get certified as a Yoga Teacher in 2014 by Pilgrimage of the Heart . I have been teaching yoga as a companion to golf with sequences specifically designed to complement the biomechanics of the golf swing since 2014. 

Anthony offers yoga instruction to individuals and groups directed specifically to golfers. Range and playing lessons are available through Sweet Spot Golf . Please contact him for rate and booking information.




Lauren McLaren - B.Ed., ERYT-200

I came to yoga in 1998, and I credit it with changing my life. At the time I began my practice, I was seeking drug free relief from chronic back pain. The physical practice I began gave me actual relief from pain I had been living with for years, but more than that, yoga became a preparation for some of the most difficult times in my life. Uprooted and left homeless by natural disaster, I found peace and stability in my practice. As I completed my first novel, yoga guided me through the fear of laying my creative self out for all to see. Yoga has taught me many lessons, all of undeniable importance, but the one that resonates most deeply with me is that “acceptance is the magic that makes change possible”. Yoga has given me the strength and courage to embrace change as our most natural state of being. Seeking to practice wherever I may find myself, I have studied with teachers in the Cayman Islands, Canada, and in several places around the United States. A teacher at heart, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Alberta, Canada. I also hold a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teaching Certification from the Aura Wellness Center in Rhode Island. I completed a second deeper training with Deva Parnell of the Discovery Yoga Center in St. Augustine in 2010 receiving my certification as a Kripalu Yoga instructor. I bring dedication, compassion and a sense of lightheartedness to all my classes, but what drives and inspires me is a profound belief in the transformative power of the practice both on and off the mat.

Lauren teaches public classes at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga. She also offers private yoga instruction to individuals and small groups. Please contact her for booking and rate information.


Anthony Tavernier - B.A.;  RYT-200; USGTF Level 3 Golf Instructor

My teaching philosophy is quite simple: I can teach you to comfortably do yoga or hit a golf ball with the body youhave here, now, today. My best skills are recognizing your individual balance point, and then showing you how to use what you already possess to perform the talk at hand. From there we develop strength, balance, body awareness and emotional awareness to enhance and grow your expertise. This way, you are always able, yet constantly improving.

I was certified as a golf teacher in 2008 with the United States Golf Teachers Federation. I am a Level 3 Instructor and I have experience teaching juniors and adults at all skill levels. My current client list ranges in age from 3 - 87 years old.