Mon: 5:30p

Wed: 6:15p

Discover the profound and powerful practice of yogic breathing in this 45 minute breath meditation class. Experience the calming and rejuvenating effects of various breathing techniques and come to understand the deep connection between your mind, your body and your breath

Restorative Yoga

Tues: 4:30

Enjoy a deeply relaxing experience with the practice of restorative yoga. This offering makes use of props to position the body in ways that are both therapeutic and calming. Using the props for support and breath awareness to deepen, you will find yourself releasing long held tension and rediscovering your sense of joy.

Hatha Yoga 1

Tues: 6:30p

Fri: 5:00p

Spend time with the fundamentals of asana practice in an hour long hatha yoga experience. Work with foundational postures to deepen your understanding of your own alignment, strength and flexibility. Great for beginning yogis and those who want a refresher on some basic principals. Enjoy a smattering of storytelling and some philosophical food for thought as you dive into this Level 1 offering.

Yin Yoga

Fri: 4:00p


Come to the quiet side of yoga for a deep healing stretch. Yin yoga will offer your joints and connective tissue nourishing stimulation as you rest both mind and body in long held passive postures. Each class focuses on a different energetic meridian and offers release to many areas of the body. Most classes will provide deep stretching to two areas of the body that hold the most stress: your lower back and your hips.